The Professional Industry Revitalized

The Roaring2020s® SHORT HAIR TREND will become a much needed and welcome breath of fresh air for our industry! The stock market is volatile and the overall health of the beauty industry is continuing to decline. Long hair trends of the last few decades have reduced salon visits and repeat customers to a minimal while decreasing revenue.

“As our economy continues to be fragile, an increased demand for innovation in the beauty industry is imperative”, says Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President & CEO of Dennis Bernard Inc.

With this economic uncertainty, Americans will conserve spending and will need a growing trend to excite them to visit the salon. Men and women will have less money to spend on fashion and beauty services. During this decade of volatility, the hair care industry will need to come together to create modernized SHORT HAIR 1920 hairstyles and promote the Roaring2020s® SHORT HAIR TREND revolution. With the variety of
temporary, semi, demi colors and direct dyes, the Roaring2020s® hairstyles will combine these trendy colors with short & mid-length angled, wedges, graduated and finger waves bobs, pin curls, wispy bangs, curly pixies and futuristic asymmetrical styles. Long hair will no longer be fashionable.
In order to maintain these SHORT HAIR looks, clients will need to freshen their cut every 3-4 weeks and will be able to afford to do so as unemployment is at an all-time low. Fashion conscious women will change the color of their hair to match the occasion…school colors for a reunion, patriotic colors for July 4th, silver & gold for a
festive occasion and creative colors to match a special outfit. These revolutionary hair trends will encourage the growth of bread and butter customers once again and we can finally say good-bye to the Rich Girl long hair looks! What does this mean for our industry? As in the 1980s, a robust economy sparked the explosion of the beauty industry. New salons were opening and established salons were expanding to meet the styles of the decade and the demands of the working class woman. “History repeats itself and I believe that it will in the Roaring 2020s.” says Dennis Bernard. The beauty industry manufacturers, magazines & bloggers will come together to promote the Roaring 2020s theme. Manufacturers will support this revolution by launching innovative hairstyles and products and
promote them through educational trade shows and social media. Similar to the 1920s & 1980s, frequent visits will provide an opportunity for the stylist to recommend the newest color and cut to their loyal customer. The stylist will, once again, promote manufacturers new Roaring 2020s
professional products by educating their clients on how to create similar results at home and encouraging them to purchase the new ‘must have’ products. Services & retail sales will Soar creating a win-win situation for the manufacturers, salons and the beauty industry as a whole.
“Recently, I met some students at the Cleveland Hair Show who were excited about the Roaring 2020s,” says Dennis Bernard, “They told me how they are learning techniques for finger waving & pin curls to prepare for the modernized retro styles of the decade. Yes, the Roaring 2020s is an exciting time to be in the beauty industry. I look forward to a creative & profitable decade!”

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